Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Happy Hour of Friendships, Frolic & Feasting...

Do you ever need to just get away?  Even if it's for a quick hour to decompress from the madness of life.  Of course you do!  Thank goodness for girlfriends that say "I'm picking you up!  How fast can you be ready?"  It always helps when you have a restaurant not too far away with a great happy hour to accommodate moms just like us :)

Living in South Orange County has a ton of amazing restaurants to eat at however our little town of Ladera Ranch is extremely lackluster when it comes to food choices.  It can be so annoying sometimes trying to figure out where to eat next.  Half of the time you list out all of the restaurants where we live just to have more problems deciding because driving too far is a task in itself.  Seems like everyone wants to stay put in our ho hum town.

Today was different!  We decided to go down Ortega Hwy for a very short drive to a restaurant called Tannins.  They had a delicious "Happy Hour" to allure us to get the heck out of our town!  Just what these two mama's needed!

Ahh yes!  A Chardonnay to toast getting away (even if it is for a moment) hit the spot.  Sitting on the patio talking about life with no one to bug us!  Juts two friends enjoying a good laugh!

Next came the white fish ceviche' which was a little sweet for my taste buds but to be honest I really didn't care.  Getting away was just what we needed!  Oh but let me tell you, the salmon tacos are so delicious and packed to the rim!  It's exactly what we needed to pair wit our Chardonnay!  And let's be honest here, another glass was ordered and well deserved!  

This is definitely a happy hour that I will return to, even if it is for a quick escape!  Always having a girlfriend by your side to pull you out of your craziness is the icing on the top!  And next time we'll need to extend our "Happy Hour" to more than just one hour, but this time...  it was so worth it!  If you have suggestions for other great restaurants with happy hours I'd love to hear about them!  



  1. It takes a brave spirit to put yourself out there! Congratulations! I just discovered a great winery not far off of El Toro Girraci Vineyards. You can wine taste or just have a glass. You can bring cheese or sandwiches with you and once a month they feature a band and local food trucks. ��

  2. CJ, way to put yourself out there and break the ice! Looking forward to seeing more fun moments :) Hugs & lots of luv